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JACIE 2003 Presentations

Reston, Virginia

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Monday, May 19, 2003

Welcome, Workshop Objectives — Vicki Zanoni, NASA

  • Greg Snyder, USGS — USGS Land Remote Sensing Program Commercial Remote Sensing Project Overview
  • Lori Baer, USGS — Evaluating the Horizontal Accuracy of DigitalGlobe QuickBird II Orthorectified Products Over the Morrison, Colorado Test Site
  • Paul Basgall, NIMA — Geospatial Accuracy Evaluation Processes for DigitalGlobe QuickBird 1B and Orthorectified Products
  • Ron Birk, NASA — Earth Science Enterprise Science for Society
  • Jennifer Meisburger, NIMA — Civil & Commercial Applications Project (CCAP): Evaluation of QuickBird Level 1B Data Geopositional Accuracy
  • Terry Felkerson, USGS — Horizontal Accuracy Evaluation of DigitalGlobe QuickBird II Orthorectified Products Over Kaintuck Hollow, Missouri Test Site
  • Robert Glittone, NIMA — Civil & Commercial Applications Project (CCAP): QuickBird Image Interpretability (NIIRS) Evaluation Results
  • Paul Beyer, NIMA — Civil & Commercial Applications Project (CCAP): Evaluation of QuickBird Imagery Suitability for Feature Extraction
  • Walter Scott, DigitalGlobe — QuickBird Overview and Operational Status
  • Jim Friedel, DigitalGlobe — Quickbird Imagery Products
  • Paul Scott, DigitalGlobe — QuickBird On-Orbit Spatial Image Quality Assessment
  • Jerry Smith, Will Colwell, DigitalGlobe — QuickBird Geopositional Status
  • Gene Dial, Space Imaging — IKONOS Calibration/Validation Status

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

  • Robert Schowengerdt, University of Arizona — IKONOS Spatial Quality Assessment 2000-2002
  • Del Croom, NASA — High Resolution Data Needs of NASA`s Aviation Safety Program`s Synthetic Vision Systems Project
  • James Garvin, NASA — Monitoring Landscapes on Oceanic Islands: Sub-meter Imaging from IKONOS and QuickBird
  • Gregory Grohman, NIMA — Issues and Solutions Involving the Resolution Merger of Panchromatic and MultiSpectral Imagery from DigitalGlobe`s QuickBird-2 2A Data
  • Kara Holekamp, Lockheed Martin — NASA QuickBird Radiometric Characterization
  • Richard Kiang, SSAI — Identification of Mosquito Larval Habitats Using IKONOS Data
  • Keith Krause, DigitalGlobe — QuickBird Radiometric Calibration
  • Brad Rupert, Minnehaha County Planning Department —Applications of High Resolution Satellite Imagery for Minnehaha County, South Dakota
  • Kurtis Thome, University of Arizona — Vicarious Calibration Results for QuickBird- 2
  • Compton Tucker, NASA — Araona Crater Expeditions 10/98 & 9/02 - Strange Circular Structure
  • Steve Van Aartsen, City of Sioux Falls GIS — Characterization and Application of DigitalGlobe, QuickBird, andSpace Imaging IKONOS Imagery for Local Government Applications

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

  • Kyle Bohnenstiehl, OSMRE-WRCC-TIPS — Applications of High Resolution Stereo Satellite Imagery for Permitting, Inspection, and Monitoring of Surface Coal Mines in the Western Region
  • Xuexia Chen, S.D. School of Mines and Technology — Relationships Among IKONOS Imagery, Landsat ETM+ Imagery, Airborne Scanning LIDAR, and Vegetation Structure in a Ponderosa Pine Forest
  • Gene Dial, Space Imaging — IKONOS Applications
  • Patrick Gonzales, The Nature Conservancy — Forest Species and Carbon Changes in the West African Sahel, 1954-2002, Using Aeral Photographs and IKONOS
  • Joe Spruce, NASA — Use of IKONOS Data in Cultural Resource Surveys of Areas Subject to Coast 2050 Wetland Mitigation
  • Kris Holderied, Rick Stumph, NOAA — Benthic Habitat Mapping of Coral Reefs with High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery
  • Jeff Liedtke, DigitalGlobe — QuickBird Imagery Products and Applications
  • Bruce Davis, NASA — Future Actitivies of JACIE

Poster Session 

  • Slawomir Blonski, Lockheed Martin — Stennis Space Center QuickBird Panchromatic Imagery Spatial Resolution Evaluation
  • Slawomir Blonski, Lockheed Martin — Stennis Space Center IKONOS Panchromatic Imagery Spatial Resolution Characterization
  • David Carver, Lockheed Martin — Stennis Space Center IKONOS Radiometric Characterization
  • Jason Choi, South Dakota State University — On-orbit Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) Measurement of QuickBird
  • Jason Choi, South Dakota State University — On-orbit Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) Measurement of IKONOS Satellite
  • Michael Coan, SAIC — Image-to-Image Registration Quality Assessment of IKONOS / QuickBird Imagery using Aerial Orthoimagery
  • Alisa Gallant, USGS — Examining IKONOS as a Data Source for Locating Desert Wetlands in the Southwestern U.S
  • Changquan Huang, Limin Yang, Bruce Wylie, Collin Homer, Zhiliang Zhu, USGS — A Strategy for Estimating Tree Canopy Density Using Landsat 7 ETM+ and High Resolution Images Over Large Areas (Part I)
  • Dennis Helder, Ravikanth Darbha, South Dakota State University — IKONOS Geometric Verification - Brookings SD Test Site
  • Eric Daehler, Lockheed Martin — Stennis Space Center Verification and Validation Capabilities
  • Dennis Helder, Manjunath K. Rangaswamy, Larry Leigh, South Dakota State University —Two-Dimensional On-Orbit MTF Analysis of QuickBird Using Convex Mirror Array 
  • Robert Schowengerdt, University of Arizona — Quickbird-2 Spatial Response Assessment using Urban Targets
  • Charles Smith, Lockheed Martin — Stennis Space Center Geometric Accuracy Assessment of High Spatial Resolution Commercial Imagery
  • Esad Micijevic — Stennis Space Center Geometric Accuracy Assessment of DigitalGlobe QuickBird Imagery
  • Jerry Smith, DigitalGlobe — DigitalGlobe Basic Level Product
  • Jerry Smith, DigitalGlobe — DigitalGlobe Standard Level Product Applications
  • Jerry Smith, DigitalGlobe — Orthorectified Level Product Applications