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JACIE 2007 Presentations

Fairfax, Virginia

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Welcome: Gregory Stensaas, USGS

Keynote Speaker: Ray Byrnes, USGS Land Remote Sensing Program Coordinator

Future of Remote Sensing Session Chair: Greg Stensaas, USGS 

  • William Stoney, Mitretec — Satellite data for JACIE program planning
  • Rob Roy, Microsoft — Use of Commercial Imagery in Microsoft® Virtual Earth™
  • Dr. Shawana Johnson, Global Marketing — NOAA International Remote Sensing Study 2005-2016

Government Overview Session Chair: Tom Stanley

  • Ed Grigsby, NASA
  • Ray Byrnes, USGS
  • Doug McGovern, NGA
  • Glenn Bethel, USDA
  • Stephen White, NOAA

Industry Overview Session Chair: Tom Stanley

  • Brett Thomasie, DigitalGlobe Director — Civil Government Programs
  • William Schuster, GeoEye COO — GeoEye Overview, Operations and Capabilities of GeoEye-1
  • Timothy Puckorius, EOTec CEO — Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Constellation - Present and Future -
  • Antonio Silva, INPE — CBERS Program: a Reference in the Brazilian Space Program

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Industry Overview Session (cont) Chair: Mary Pagnutti

  • Steve Miller, SPOT Image Corporation — SPOT Image Land Remote Sensing System Overview
  • Rani Hellerman, ImageSat — EROS B Satellite Products and Services
  • Roger Kim, KAI image, Inc. — KOMPSAT-2 Introduction
  • Paul Stephens, DMCii — DMC: Advances in the Small Satellite Constellation Imaging Capability
  • Jose-Luis Casanova, Pedro Duque, U of Valladolid — The New DEIMOS Medium Resolution Satellite
  • F. Jung-Rothenhaeusler, RapidEye — RapidEye – A Novel Approach to Space Borne Geo-Information Solutions

Medium Resolution Imagery Session Chair: Robert Tetrault

  • Robert Tetrault, USDA/FAS — Resourcesat-1 AWiFS Data at the USDA
  • David M. Johnson, USDA — Evaluation of Resourcesat-1 LISS-III vs. AWiFS Imagery for Mapping Croplands
  • Michael Craig, USDA — Evaluation of AWiFS Classifiers for Crop Acreage Estimation 
  • Dmitry Varlyguin, Stephanie Hulina, Luke Roth, GDA — AWiFS Imagery: Processing and Automated Feature Extraction
  • Michael Coan, SAIC — A Question of Scale: Multiple Comparisons of Landsat, AWiFS, DMC and QuickBird
  • Gyanesh Chander, SAIC — Cross Calibration of the L7 ETM+ and L5 TM with the Resourcesat-1(IRS-P6) AWiFS and LISS-III Sensors
  • Mary Pagnutti, Kara Holekamp, SSAI/NASA SSC — Radiometric Calibration of AWiFS Using Vicarious Calibration Technique
  • Kenton Ross, Ruby Stubbs, SSAI/NASA SSC — Geopositional Assessment of AWiFS Orthorectified Product
  • Gyanesh Chander, SAIC — Geometric Characterization of DMC
  • Stephen Mackin, Gary Crowley, Paul Stephens, Dave Hodgson, DMC — Analysis of Radiometry and Data Quality of DMC Satellite Systems

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Medium/High Resolution Imagery Session  Chair: Terry Lehman

  • Joel Lawhead, Craig Harvey, NVision — NVision Rapid Image Processing and Distribution System for Satellite Data Commercialization in Vertical Industries
  • Marcelo Fontenele S. Santos, Frederico dos Santos Liporace, Antonio Machado e Silva, Gisplan — A System for Visualization, Evaluation, Analysis and Quality Simulation of Satellite Images
  • David Aaron, Larry Leigh, Dennis Helder, SDSU — Using Reflectance Based Calibration Technique for High/Medium Resolution Sensors
  • Bill Graham, NASA — Earth Observations to Assess Impact of Hurricane Katrina on John C. Stennis Space Center

High Resolution Imagery Session  Chair: Terry Lehman

  • Dimitrios Kapnias, Simon Kay, Pavel Milenov, Pär Åstrand, IPSC — Use of High Resolution Orthoimage Data for European Union Agricultural Policy Implementation
  • Chunsun Zhang, Joanne Poon, Armin Gruen, SDSU — Evaluation of Digital Surface Models Generated from High-Res Satellite Imagery
  • Dr. Bryon Smiley, DigitalGlobe — QuickBird-2: Geolocation Statistics from 2005 and 2006, Showing the Transition to adp40 
  • Kara Holekamp, Kenton Ross, Slawomir Blonski, SSAI/NASA SSC — System Characterization Results for the QuickBird Sensor
  • Martin Taylor, GeoEye — IKONOS Performance and Technical Update
  • Dejan Damjanovic, GeoEye — Case Study of IKONOS & OV-3 Stereo Photogrammetry in Support of Aircraft Arrival Procedures – Enhancing Capacity, Safety and Reducing Fuel costs

Aerial Imagery Session  Chair: Jon Christopherson

  • Shirley Hall, USDA — National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP)
  • William Burgess, NSGIC — Imagery for the Nation
  • Eric Liberty, APPLANIX — Airborne Ortho-Mapping for Rapid Response
  • Mitchell Pierson, US Army Corp; Donald Moe,SAIC — Geometric Calibration of the Buckeye
  • Chad Lopez, EarthData International — Mapping Underwater Benthic Habitats From ADS40 Digital Airborne Imagery Using Semi-Automated Methods
  • Ayman Habib, Anna Jarvis, Geomatics Engineering; Greg Stensaas, USGS — Medium-format Digital Cameras, a Study into the Calibration, Stability Analysis and Integration with High-Res Satellite Imagery

Poster Session / Reception

  • Michael Benson, USGS — An Overview of USGS CRSSP Implementation
  • Joseph Godfrey — Optimizing Resourcesat-1 AWiFS Acquisitions  
  • Michael Coan, SAIC — A Question of Scale: Multiple Comparisons of Landsat. AWIFS, DMS and QuickBird
  • James Duncan — Commercial Remote Sensing Data Contracts
  • Mary Pagnutti — Stennis Space Center Verification and Validation Capabilities
  • Bryan Purcell, USDA — How the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Monitors Crop Conditions in Morocco
  • Kenton Ross, William Graham — All Source Solution Decision Support Products Created for Stennis Space Center in Response to Hurricane Katrina 
  • Kenton Ross — Vegetation Change in and Around Stennis Space Center: Katrina and Beyond
  • Kenton Ross, William Graham — Hurricane Katrina Inundation Effects at Stennis Space Center
  • Marcelo Santos, Gisplan Tecnologia — MS³: a Solution for Satellite Remote Sensing Ground Stations
  • Robert Ryan — A Simplified Approach to Radiometric Vicarious Calibration
  • USGS — USGS Commitment to Commercial Remote Sensing