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JACIE 2009 Presentations

Fairfax, Virginia

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 


Welcome: Greg Stensaas, USGS

Invited Speakers: 

  • Frederik Rothenhausler, RapidEye
  • Brad Doorn, ASPRS President

Government Overview Session

  • Bruce Quirk, USGS — Land Remote Sensing Program Manager
  • Corena Alexander, NGA — Deputy Chief, Sensor Assimilation Division, ASX, Acting Branch Chief, Commercial Data Integration Branch, ASXC.
  • Glenn Bethel, USDA — Remote Sensing Advisor
  • Kurt Thome, NASA — Physical Scientist Biospheric Sciences Branch, NASA GSFC- NASA missions and Their Role in Commercial Remote Sensing
  • Jane D'Aguanno, NOAA — Overview of NOAA's Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory Affairs Office

Session 1: Medium Resolution Imagery, Chair: Bob Tetrault, USDA

  • Greg Stensaas, USGS; Gynash Chander, SGT — Quality Assurance Framework for Earth Observation (QA4EO)
  • Steve Mackin, DMC International Imaging Ltd. — Improved Radiometric Calibration of the Disaster Monitoring Constellation 
  • Horst Weichelt, RapidEye  — The RapidEye Calibration Approach and Current Results
  •  Julio D'alge, INPE — Geometric and Radiometric Assessment of CBERS and Landsat Products Generated by INPE
  • Ron Hayes, SGT — Radiometric and Geometric Assessment of the CBERS-2B, SPOT-5, and RapidEye

Poster Session / Reception

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 

Morning Session

Session 1: Medium Resolution Imagery (cont.),  Chair: Bob Tetrault, USDA

  • Dennis Helder, College of Engineering South Dakota State University (SDSU) — Consistent Calibration of the Landsat MSS Archive
  • Cowart, Russell, Mamini Jill, i-cubed — Alaska Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative: Exploring Medium and High Resolution Commercial Imagery Solutions to Meet Statewide Mapping Needs in Alaska
  • Robert Ryan, Mississippi State University — Next Generation Low Earth Orbit Ocean Color Satellites and their and Cal-Val Requirements
  • David Aaron, College of Engineering South Dakota State University (SDSU) — Radiometric Calibration Validation of Satellite Sensor Systems
  • Mary Pagnutti, Mississippi State University — Next Generation Thermal Imaging Satellite Systems and their Cal-Val Requirements
  • Timothy J. Puckorius, EOTec — Resourcesat and Cartosat - EOTec Exclusive Distributors for Antrix - Current and Future Missions
  • Paul Stephens, DMCii — The Next Generation DMC Satellites - UKDMC-2, and Deimos-1

Session 2: High Resolution Satellite Imagery, Chair: Terry Lehman, NGA

  • Paul Bresnahan, Observera Inc. / NGA CCAP — Absolute Geolocation Accuracy Evaluation of EROS-B Level 1A Imagery- Study Results
  • PM Byron Smiley, DigitalGlobe — The Absolute and Relative Geolocation Accuracies of QB02 and WV01

Afternoon Session

Session 2: High Resolution Satellite Imagery (cont.), Chair: Terry Lehman, NGA

  • Kevin Kohm, GeoEye — On-Orbit Geolocation Accuracy and Image Quality Performance of the GeoEye-1 High Resolution Imaging Satellite
  • Nicolas Stussi, SPOT Image Corporation — SPOT Image Corporation Products and Services
  • Howard Bowen, ITT Space Systems Division — Correlation of Target-dependent Calibration Methods used to Determine Absolute and Relative Radiometric Accuracy, Monitor Long-term Stability, Assess Stray Light Performance, Measure MTF Performance and Estimate Effective Focal Length for the IKONOS Space-based Remote Sensing Payload
  • Rani Hellerman, ImageSat — The Growing Civilian Market for VHR Satellite Imagery
  • Paul Bresnahan, Observera Inc. / NGA CCAP — Absolute Geolocation Accuracy Evaluation of WorldView-1 Basic 1B Imagery- Study Results
  • Dennis Helder, College of Engineering South Dakota State University (SDSU) — Towards a Worldwide Library of Pseudo-Invariant Radiometric Calibration Sites

Session 3: High Resolution Aerial Imagery, Chair: Jon Christopherson, SGT

  • Klaus Neumann, Z/I Imaging Solutions Centre, Intergraph — Digital Aerial Camera Technology Update
  • David Pollock, Center for Applied Optics, University of Alabama Huntsville — A Constant 63 -r Resolution Five frames-s-1 Camera, Scalable from 4 MP to > 1 GP

Day two wrap-up

No Host Dinner - Champps Fair Oaks, Fair Oaks Mall

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Morning Session

Session 3: High Resolution Aerial Imagery (cont.), Chair: Jon Christopherson, SGT

  • Lloyd Coulter, Department of Geography, San Diego State University — Monitoring the International Land Borders of the United States Using High Resolution Imagery
  • Thomas Murdock, Frontier Technology, Incorporated — Using the Integrated Sensor Analysis Tool for Remote Sensing Data Visualization and Calibration
  • Sherry Loy, Global Marketing Insights, Inc — USGS - 2008 African Remote Sensing Research
  • Shawana Johnson, Global Marketing Insights, Inc. — The Use and Challenges of Using Multiple Resolution sensors for the Iraq Operational Agricultural Monitoring Project
  • Berthold Winck / Jochen Dahlke, Bundeswehr Geoinformation Office — 3D Worlds for the Bundeswehr - The Sensor System and Algorithm and The Process Chain
  • Steve Cota, Aerospace Corp. — PICASSO - An End-to-End Image Simulation Tool for Space and Airborne Imaging Systems
  • Filippo Britti, COSMO-SkyMed — The COSMO-SkyMed Satellite Constellation for Earth Observation and applications


Session 4: Other Imaging Sensors (LiDAR, RADAR, SAR, Hyperspectral), Chair: Greg Stensaas, USGS

  • Tom Ager, NGA — Geometric Precision in Space Radar Imaging
  • Jason Stoker, USGS  — Evaluation of Digital Surface Model Generated from WorldView-1 Basic Stereo Imagery
  • Paul Bresnahan, Observera Inc. / NGA CCAP — Absolute Geolocation Accuracy Evaluation of Cosmo-Skymed Spotlight and Stripmap Imagery- Study Results
  • Simon Kay, Monitoring Agriculture Resources Unit, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission — Validation of CARTOSAT-1, TerraSAR-X and CosmoSkyMed imagery for use in field area measurement checks
  • Paul Bresnahan, Observera Inc. / NGA CCAP — Absolute Geolocation Accuracy Evaluation of TerraSAR-X-1 SpotLight and StripMap Imagery- Study Results
  • Bill Emison, Merrick & Company — LiDAR/Hyperspectral Data Fusion Analysis
  • Bill Emison, Merrick & Company — LiDAR Feature Extraction Methodologies

Discussion and Conference wrap-up