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JACIE 2010 Presentations

Fairfax, Virginia

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


  • Greg Stensaas, USGS — Welcome to the 9th Annual JACIE Workshop
  • Deanna Archuleta — Department of the Interior's Role in Earth Observation
  • Glenn Bethel — USDA Remote Sensing Overview
  • Mitchell D. Goldberg — Importance of Instrument Calibration, Validation and Inter-Calibration for Demanding Satellite Applications
  • Franz Leberl — Sensors and Processes for 3D Mapping 
  • Dave Sedlak — NIQU Overview: NSG PQ Assurance
  • Greg Snyder — National Enhanced Elevation ProgramConcept and Applications


  • Gyanesh Chander — Cross-comparison of the IRS-P6 AWiFS sensor with the L5 TM, L7 ETM+, & Terra MODIS sensors
  • Dan Mandl — NASA Sensor Web Technology for Autonomous Asset Tasking and Customized Data Delivery
  • Mitch Goldberg — NOAA SATELLITE PROGRAM and Applications
  • Shawana P. Johnson — Operational Agricultural Monitoring Project

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


  • Paul C. Bresnahan — Absolute Geolocation Accuracy Evaluation of RapidEye Level 1B and 3A Imagery
  • Md. Obaidul Haque — Radiometric & Geometric Assessment of the Data from RapidEye Constellation of Satellites
  • Deviprasad Karnik — Indian Remote Sensing Satellites Resourcesat-2 Mission Status
  • Sherry Loy — Indian Remote Sensing Satellites Current and Future Missions
  • Alok Kumar Shrestha — Relative Gain Characterization and Correction for Pushbroom Sensors Based on Lifetime Image Statistics
  • Steve Mackin — Comparison of the radiometry of Landsat 7 and the Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) satellites over the Dome-C Calibration site in Antarctica
  • Steve Mackin — Radiometric and Data Quality characteristics of the 2nd Generation Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) satellites
  • D. Naughton — RapidEye Vicarious Calibration and Radiometric Performance Assessment_2009
  • Paul Stephens — Developments in the DMCii Constellation & annual Tropical forest monitoring
  • Dmitry Varlyguin — DMC Imagery: User Perspective


  • Paul C. Bresnahan — Absolute Geolocation Accuracy Re-Evaluation of WorldView-1 Basic 1B Stereo Pairs
  • Paul C. Bresnahan — Absolute Geolocation Accuracy Evaluation of GeoEye-1 Basic Stereo Triplets
  • Byron Smiley — The Absolute Geolocation Accuracy of Digital Globe's Satellites: QB02, WV01, WV02
  • Byron Smiley — Relative Geolocation Accuracy Topics Relevant to DigitalGlobe's Multiband Satellites: Camera Calibration, Band to Band Registration
  • Ayman F. Habib — A Unified Conceptual Methodology for LiDAR and Camera System Calibration
  • Drew Hopwood — Spot Image Spot Image Service Continuity: Preflight Assessment of the Pleiades and SPOT Programs
  • David Mulawa — On-Orbit Geolocation Accuracy andImage Quality Performance of the GeoEye-1High Resolution Imaging Satellite
    • odc_a_animation.wmv
    • odc_b_animation.wmv
  • Mary Pagnutti — An Automated Tool to Estimate the Spatial Resolution of Products Acquired by High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imaging Systems
  • Brett Thomassie — DigitalGlobe Satellite and Aerial Program Update

Thursday, March 18, 2010 


  • Aparajithan Sampath — Using New USGS Test Range for Geometric Assessment of GeoEye-1
  • Timothy F Donato — RADARSAT-2 Applications for Civil and Commercial Situational Awareness
  • Klaus Neumann — Z/I Imaging DMC Remote Sensing Case Studies
  • Robert E. Ryan — Laboratory and On-site Radiometric Calibration of Aerial Multispectral Digital Cameras
  • Stephen J Schiller — In-Flight Vicarious Calibration of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Systems Using Specular Reflectors
  • RADARSAT-2 and AgriSAR 2009
  • Charles Toth — Epipolar Resampling of Pushbroom Satellite Imagery
  • Michael Vaughn — WorldView-2 (WV-2) Characterization and ICC Profiles
  • Stephen White — Utilization of the Applanix Digital Sensing System (DSS) Model 439 DualCam for Shoreline Mapping


  • Jeffrey Czapla-Myers — Analysis of the Automated Radiometric Calibration test Site at Railroad Valley, Nevada 
  • Sherry Loy — Successful Intra-Agency Collaborations On Commercial Imagery & Products
  • Steve Mackin — QA4EO Compliant QA/QC system for automated quality control of large satellite Constellations
  • Matthew Polder — Investigation of the LSpec autonomous ground calibration site using MODIS, Landsat ETM+, and IKONOS
  • Gian Rocco Verdone — The COSMO-SkyMed Satellite Constellation for Earth Observation and applications