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JACIE 2022 Presentations

January 10 - 13, 2022

Virtual Attendance

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The Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (JACIE) workshop is an annual effort to engage federal agencies, their partners, and the commercial remote sensing industry. A key goal of the workshop is to understand the characteristics and capabilities of current and new data sources, along with the quality of data they provide. Since JACIE is dedicated to strong collaboration and open communication, its free workshop remains a reliable meeting point for experts around the world.

This year’s virtual workshop, “Ensuring Quality in a Tide Wave of Data”, hosted engaging sessions on ARD/interoperability, new/future systems, and more. The presentations were diverse, ranging from keynotes and technical talks to breakout sessions and a panel. Over 300 individuals from 26 different countries attended the workshop; and all JACIE partner agencies (NASA, NGA, NOAA, NRO, USDA, USGS) were active participants. 

Presentations from this workshop are linked below and are also available in the JACIE Search Tool

Monday, January 10

Session 1: ECCOE Workshop: ARD/Interoperability — Session Chair: Cody Anderson, USGS

Session 2: Data Quality Resources — Session Chair: Paul Bresnahan, KBR

Tuesday, January 11

Session 3: Remote Sensing Trends and Directions — Session Chair: Greg Stensaas, USGS EROS

Session 4: Calibration and Interoperability — Session Chair: Dave Case, NGA

Wednesday, January 12

Session 5: Constellations & Calibration — Session Chair: Jon Christopherson, KBR

Session 6: New and Future Systems — Session Chair: Jenny Irvine, Albedo

Thursday, January 13

Session 7: Application Drivers for Remote Sensing — Session Chair: Dath Mita, USDA

Session 8: ECCOE Workshop: ARD and Interoperability — Session Chair: Greg Stensaas. USGS EROS

Breakout Sessions

  • Breakout Session 1: Calibration, data quality, and accuracy and traceable uncertainty
    • Lead/Facilitators: Cody Anderson (USGS) / Valentina Boccia (ESA), Arin Jumpasut (Planet), Nigel Fox (NPL), Jon Christopherson (KBR),  Brandon Russell (Labsphere), Bob Ryan (I2R)
  • Breakout Session 2: Implementation for Geospatial Workflows – machine learning, metadata, software, and tools
    • Lead/Facilitators: Speaker: Ignacio Zuleta (Indigo) / Pete Doucette (USGS), Fabio Pacifici (Maxar), Jim Vrabel (KBR), Wolfgang Luck (Pink Matter), Chris Rampersad (EarthDaily Analytics), Matthias Mohr (UNIVERSITY OF MÜNSTER / Radiant Earth), Radiant Earth), Rob Woodcock (CSIRO), Ajit Sampath (KBR)
  • Breakout Session 3: Governance and Leadership of ARD/Interoperability - Definition, Distinction, and Standards
    • Lead/Facilitators: Matt Hanson (Element84) / Ferran Gascon (ESA), Steven Labahn (USGS), Greg Stensaas (USGS), Chris Durell (Labsphere), Frank Avila (NGA), Medhavy Thankappan (Geoscience Australia), Michele Kuester (Maxar), Mary Pagnutti (I2R), George Percivall (IEEE)