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March 11 — 14, 2024 — USGS Headquarters, Reston, Virginia


Annual JACIE Workshops are sponsored by government agencies and allow remote sensing experts to discuss system capabilities, calibration, and the impacts of data quality on various applications.  Highlights of JACIE 2024 will include:

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  • Talks about new systems, new methods of improving data, the potential for new applications possible with improved quality Earth observations
  • Poster session
  • Vendor exhibits
  • Student presentations and posters 

JACIE 2024 Workshop Agenda

VIRTUAL ACCESS OPTION: Virtual participants must register for the workshop. 
Details about virtual access will be made available to all registered attendees prior to the start of the workshop. Exhibits, posters, the networking event or meetings outside of the main Workshop (e.g., SAR, HSI, and Tools/Assessments side meetings) will not include virtual participation access. 

JACIE 2024 Vendor Information

Interested in attending?  Be sure to register! 

Register for JACIE 2024! 

Register for the 2024 Uncertainty Workshop

The Uncertainty Workshop will focus on radiometric uncertainty of Top of Atmosphere (TOA)/Level 1, passive, reflective, optical imagery. With presentations covering Prelaunch Characterization (Lab Measurements), Vicarious Calibration (RadCalNet), Processing Chain (Raw-to-TOA Product), and Cross Calibration (Product-to-Product) Uncertainty contributors and estimates. Format is intended to allow equal time for presentations and audience participated discussion. 

Previous Workshops can be found on the Past JACIE Workshops webpage.