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ECCOE Mission is to develop, guide, and lead communications and best practices for the cal/val community for Earth Observations.

  • Develop advanced methods to perform radiometric/geometric/spatial characterization and calibration of optical remote sensing systems to improve the accuracy and precision of all derived data products.
  • Develop new and improved methods for the cross-calibration of optical remote sensing systems for continuous improvement of the interoperability of remote sensing data products.
  • Provide the expertise and advocacy necessary for the acquisition of new measurements that continue to improve optical remote sensing data quality, coverage, and expanded usefulness for science applications.
  • Develop mutually beneficial partnerships within USGS/DOI, across other government agencies nationally and internationally, and throughout commercial and civil industries.
  • Develop and coordinate a standard best practices and methods in the remote sensing community for optical sensor calibration and validation.
  • Host annual meetings to engage the broader remote sensing community to understand requirements needed by science user community.