New USGS website provides water quality information for U.S. streams and rivers

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Interested in water-quality concentrations, loads, and trends in streams and rivers across the United States? Check out a new USGS website with data from the USGS National Water Quality Network—110 stream and river sites with long-term, consistent data on water quality.

Use the website to access annually updated information on nutrients, sediment, pesticides, and streamflow.  These data are collected to assess the status and trends of water-quality conditions at large inland and coastal river sites as well as in small streams in urban, agricultural, and undeveloped basins.

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Date published: March 4, 2019
Status: Active

National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA)

Our surface water, groundwater, and aquatic ecosystems are priceless resources, used by people across the Nation for drinking, irrigation, industry, and recreation. The National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Project is a leading source of scientific data and knowledge for development of science-based policies and management strategies to improve and protect our water resources.

Contacts: Mindi Dalton