Waterfowl Research

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Scientists at the USGS Alaska Science Center have conducted research on waterfowl species (ducks, geese, and swans) in Alaska since the 1970s. Because Alaska is an international crossroads of migratory bird flyways, with millions of birds from Asia and North America breeding in Alaska each summer, USGS research has also taken place in adjacent countries (Russia, Japan, Canada, Mexico) and in the lower 48-states and Hawaii.

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The main objectives of the USGS Alaska Science Center waterfowl research program are to:

  • Identify and fill gaps in our knowledge about the ecology of waterfowl species in Alaska
  • Quantify the drivers of population trends of waterfowl populations in Alaska and throughout their annual cycle
  • Provide science information to Department of Interior management agencies and others for decision making regarding waterfowl disease, population delineation, and species of conservation concern
Snow Goose near the Colville River, northern Alaska

Snow Goose near the Colville River, northern Alaska​​​​​​.​(Credit: Ryan Askren, USGS. Public domain.)

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