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The USGS Astrogeology Science Center in Flagstaff, Arizona was founded in 1963 to map the Moon and assist in training the Apollo astronauts. We have remained on the cutting edge of solar system exploration ever since.

Mission Statement: To help humanity understand our solar system by maximizing the scientific and technological return from planetary missions through scientific research, software development, and the creation of spatial data products and standards.

Vision Statement:  To lead and enable planetary exploration, further our knowledge of worlds beyond our own, promote a sustained and peaceful human presence in the Solar System, and share our discoveries to engage and inspire the world.

Culture Statement: We are as committed to each other as we are to the high quality of our work. We value integrity and celebrate our diversity. We remember our history and embrace necessary change and innovation. We always strive to improve so that we may better live up to these ideals.



History of Astrogeology

History of Astrogeology