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The USGS Flagstaff Science Center 

Interested in visiting USGS Astrogeology in person? Please contact to ensure that we are currently open to the public, or with any questions.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Physical Scientist Ryan Bradley Anderson 734-657-8085
Web Specialist Mark Bailen 928-556-7042
Research Space Scientist Kristen Bennett, PhD 928-556-7260
Research Physical Scientist Sarah R. Black, PhD
Research Space Scientist Michael Bland, Ph.D. 928-556-7080
Geographer Sonya Bogle
Physical Scientist Holly Buban
Research Geologist Colin Dundas, Ph.D. 928-556-7143
Research Geologist Lauren Edgar, Ph.D. 555-555-5555
Research Geologist Corey Fortezzo
Geologist Tenielle Gaither
Geologist Amber Gullikson
Research Geologist Justin Hagerty 928-556-7173
Cartography Trent Hare
Research Geologist Kenneth Edward Herkenhoff, Ph.D. 928-556-7205
IT Specialist (Applications Software) Marc Hunter 928-556-7220
Research Geologist Laszlo Kestay, Ph.D. 928-556-7002
Scientist Emeritus Randolph L Kirk
Scientist Emerita Baerbel Koesters Lucchitta 928-556-7176
Deputy Center Director and Research Operations Lead Chris H Okubo, PhD 928-556-7009
Research Physical Scientist Lillian Rose Ostrach, PhD 928-556-7035
Pathways Intern Lori Pigue
IT Specialist John R Shinaman 928-556-7180
Research Geologist Jim Skinner
Geophysicist Laurence Soderblom, PhD 555-555-5555
Research Space Scientist Timothy Neal Titus, Ph.D. 928-556-7201
Remote Sensing Lead Richard Gregory Vaughan, PhD 928-556-7006
Physical Scientist Kaj Williams, Ph.D.