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Visiting Astrogeology

Astrogeology welcomes visits from the public!

For security reasons we are not open on a walk-in basis but we offer tours by appointment, led by Astrogeology scientists. Please give at least 48 hours notice if possible. We are open during regular business hours but preferred tour times are Mon, Wed, or Fri from 10-11 am.

To plan your visit email us at:

A moon rover on display in the lobby of Astrogeology science center, with interpretive displays.
"Grover" the rover that USGS built to train the Apollo astronauts before their trips to the Moon is on display in our lobby.
Photo of a huge topographic map of Mars on the floor with a map of Arizona printed to scale
Come walk on Mars!  We have a topographic floor map of Mars that visitors are welcome to walk on. We also have separate maps of Arizona, printed to the same scale, so you can compare  the volcanoes and canyons of Mars to the volcanoes and canyons here in northern Arizona.
Photograph looking down the "solar system tour" hallway at the USGS Astrogeology Science Center. Images of Mercury and Venus
Our halls are filled with beautiful large-format prints of the planets. Tour the solar system, take a selfie on Mars, and see the places on Earth that are used as analogs for other planets.