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Date published: September 23, 2015

Drought River Temperatures Potentially Dangerous for Fish

The rising temperatures in many of California's rivers have become potentially lethal to anadromous fish, and other fish species. Even in rivers controlled by reservoirs, where operators have traditionally been able to help control river temperature by timed releases, the combination of low flows, reduced cold-water pools in reservoirs and high air temps has resulted in elevated river temps....

Date published: April 15, 2015

April Showers may Bring May Flowers, but Winter Snow is Water in the Bank

The type of precipitation falling from the sky matters, especially for delicate mountain ecosystems.

Date published: February 13, 2014

Drought Affects Streamflow Across California

With California experiencing its worst drought in over a century, 2013 is in the record books as the driest calendar year in the state’s 119-year recorded history.