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The purpose of the EROS User Group (EUG) is three-fold:

  • Provide operational users of EROS products and services with an opportunity and platform to discuss opinions, needs, and concerns in a structured and consistent manner;
  • Provide EROS projects with a consistent platform for targeted communications and opportunity for direct feedback from the user community on product- and service-related developments; and
  • Support the USGS production of highest possible quality products and services through the routine collection and incorporation of user feedback into EROS development & operations.


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    How to become a member of the EROS User Group:
    To join the EROS User Group (EUG) mailing list and help USGS to provide the best possible remote sensing products and systems, please send an email message to EROS User Services (
    We look forward to your participation!

    Structure of the EROS User Group

    Initial implementation of the EROS User Group will consist of an email "list-serv" to provide direct notification of upcoming product- and service-related briefings and discussion topics. Once approved, EUG members will be provided access to USGS briefings on selected topics related to current or future product/service developments. Beta release versions of interfaces and/or future product samples may be shared with the EUG community, to allow for improved user dialogue and integration of end user feedbacks into the development cycle.

    Most EUG meetings are expected to consist of a short (1-hour) discussion to be held quarterly (every 3 months) and will be conducted remotely via telecon/online. Additional opportunities for face-to-face discussions may also be announced as available.

    Upcoming Meetings

    The next EUG meeting date is TBD.

    Meeting Notes

    June 24, 2020

    Nov. 19, 2018

    May 15, 2019