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Mercury Condition Index Tool

The Mercury Condition Index Tool uses existing data of mercury concentrations in invertebrates, fish, and birds within national parks to estimate a park level Condition Index (and associated uncertainty) for mercury, based on its potential risk to fish and wildlife health. The tool employs a series of logic steps to convert provided data into standardized units, based upon both basic stoichiometr

Density-weighted proportion (dwp) tool suite

Estimating the number of birds or bats killed at a wind power facility involves adjusting observed carcass counts to account for imperfect detection. To account for carcasses that lie outside the searched area, the count is adjusted by dividing by the estimated proportion of carcasses lying within the searched area or the density-weighted proportion (dwp). The dwp package provides tools for estima

GIS Clipping and Summarization Toolbox

This tool is being provided free to the public in support of GIS specialists who calculate summary information.

Creating Custom Bar Codes for Tracking Samples from the Field to the Laboratory

This tool is being provided free to the public in support of field and laboratory specialists who would like to create custom bar codes in order to better maintain their field and laboratory samples.

GenEst - A Generalized Estimator of Mortality

GenEst, a generalized estimator of wildlife mortality at renewable energy facilities.

Generalized Mortality Estimator (GenEst) - R code & GUI

GenEst is a tool for estimating mortalities from efficiency, persistence, and carcass data.

SSR_pipeline: Computer Software for the Identification of Microsatellite Sequences from Paired-End Illumina High-Throughput DNA Sequence Data

SSR_pipeline is a flexible set of programs designed to efficiently identify simple sequence repeats (SSRs; for example, microsatellites) from paired-end high-throughput Illumina DNA sequencing data.

Fatality Estimator Software

Tool to Evaluate Wildlife Fatalities at Wind-Power Facilities