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FRESC is one of many science centers of the U.S. Geological Survey. Our staff consists of outstanding scientists, energetic support personnel, and experienced managers. Our scientific and technical skills encompass research, protocol and tool development, mapping, remote sensing, geographic information systems, information technology, and outreach.

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Supervisory Research Ecologist Michael J Adams 541-750-0980
Ecologist Cara V Applestein 208-426-5214
Ecologist Robert S Arkle 208-426-5205
PNAMP Coordinator Jennifer M Bayer 503-201-4179
Ecologist Joseph R Benjamin 208-387-1307
Ecologist Amanda J Boone 208-387-1314
Scientist Emeritus R. Bruce Bury 541-750-1010
Supervisory Research Ecologist Madelon (Maddy) Case
Wildlife Biologist Nathan D Chelgren 541-750-1015
Wildlife Biologist Tara J Conkling 530-752-5306
Research Social Scientist Amanda E Cravens, Ph.D.
Ecologist Bill E Davidson 208-426-5214
Biological Science Technician Timothy A DeBlois, Jr.
Biological Science Technician Meredith S Diskin
Supervisory Research Ecologist Jason B Dunham 541-750-0990
Ecologist Brian T Eachus
Supervisory Research Ecologist Collin Eagles-Smith 541-750-0949
Wildlife Biologist Elise S Elliott-Smith 541-750-0982
Ecologist Colleen S Emery 541-750-0967
Biologist Scott Fordham
Ecologist Jennifer Fredrickson 541-750-1027
Scientist Emeritus Mark R. Fuller 208-426-5200
Ecologist/Science Data Coordinator Stephanie K Galvan 541-750-1043
Supervisory Research Ecologist Matthew J Germino 208-221-4638
Biological Science Technician (Fisheries) Timothy C Glidden
Research Wildlife Biologist Joan C Hagar 541-750-0984
Fishery Biologist Emily Heaston 541-750-0955
Scientist Emeritus Charles J. Henny 541-750-1013
Ecologist Garth Herring 541-750-0952
Scientist Emerita Manuela M Huso 541-750-0948
Ecologist Michelle I Jeffries 208-387-1337
Scientist Emeritus Kurt J Jenkins 360-565-3041
Ecologist Branden L Johnson 541-231-5394
Supervisory Research Wildlife Biologist Todd E Katzner
GIS Specialist/Computer Scientist John Kelly
Science & Data Delivery Program Manager Susan K Kemp 541-750-1047
Ecologist Chad R Kluender
Scientist Emeritus Michael N. Kochert 208-426-4115
Wildlife Biologist Patrick S Kolar
Biological Science Technician Andrew J LaGue
Botanist Brynne E Lazarus 208-387-1383
Biological Science Technician Nicholas J Leitgeb
Research Biologist Rebecca McCaffery 406-994-5085
Wildlife Biologist Brome McCreary 541-750-1012
Ecologist Susan K McIlroy 208-387-1359
Research Ecologist Francine H Mejia 541-750-1030
Administrative Officer Peggy Morris 541-750-1034
Biological Science Technician Kristina J Parker
Wildlife Biologist Christopher A Pearl 541-750-1011
Supervisory Research Ecologist Steven S Perakis 541-750-0991
Center Director Sue Phillips 541-750-1033
Ecologist John R Pierce 541-750-0996
Supervisory Research Ecologist David S Pilliod 208-387-1363
Wildlife Biologist Sharon A Poessel
Public Affairs Specialist Rachel Powers
Ecologist Samuel "Jake" Price
Deputy Center Director Maureen K Purcell, Ph.D.
Scientist Emeritus David A Pyke 541-750-0989
Research Manager Mark A Ricca 541-750-1038
Computer Scientist Mark A Richards
Wildlife Biologist Jennifer Rowe 541-750-1017
Ecologist Caitlin T Rumrill 541-750-0956
Ecologist Scott E Shaff 541-750-0942
Supervisory Research Fire Ecologist Douglas J Shinneman 208-387-1369
Supervisory Research Landscape Ecologist Christian E Torgersen 206-616-1874
Biologist Justin Welty 208-387-1337
Supervisory Research Wildlife Biologist J David Wiens 541-750-0961
Ecologist James J Willacker, Jr. 541-750-0957
Scientist Emeritus Andrea Woodward 206-526-2534