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The Lower Mississippi-Gulf Water Science Center provides software resources for data retrieval and form submission. Below are resources made available to our cooperators as well as the public. 

mapRandomForest---Monthly flow estimation in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain by means of Random Forest Modeling

The code included in this package, when combined with data retrieved from an associated ScienceBase archive, is designed to allow for reasonable monthly total and baseflow volumes to be estimated at arbitrary locations within the Mississippi Embayment as part of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain (MAP) Project. The resulting surface water volume estimates were used as inputs to associated groundwater

trajPipeFlow---Discharge from horizontal and vertical flowing pipes by trajectory methods

The trajPipeFlow package in the R language provides functions for computation of discharge from horizontal and vertical flowing pipes using trajectory methods of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Water Measurement Manual (2001, chap. 14, sec. 13).

RESTORE/fdclmrpplo---Source code for estimation of L-moments and percent no-flow conditions for decadal flow-duration curves and estimation at level-12 hydrologic unit codes along with other statistical computations

The RESTORE/fdclmrpplo repository contains R language source code used for estimation of the L-moments and percent no-flow conditions (no-flow fractions) for decadal flow-duration curves and estimation at streamgages and level-12 hydrologic unit codes using generalized additive models and censored generalized additive models. The source code is designed to streamline the workflow for the Gulf Coas

utc2nwislocal---UTC date-times to NWIS local time zones using UTC offsets

The utc2nwislocal package in the R language provides a light-weight, dependency-free utility for converting Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) base::as.POSIXct() date-time values into character-string representations for time zones. The UTC offsets for individual time zones are determined from the time-zone codes recognized by the U.S. Geological Survey National Water Information System (NWIS) datab

infoGW2visGWDB---Conversion of an infoGW object to a GWmaster object compatible with the visGWDB software

An R groundwater-data processing utility for manipulating, veracity checking, and converting an 'infoGW' object to the 'GWmaster' object for the visGWDB software with demonstration for the Mississippi River Valley alluvial aquifer

Source code in R to quality assure, plot, summarize, interpolate, and extend groundwater-level information, visGWDB---Groundwater-level informatics with demonstration for the Mississippi River Valley alluvial aquifer

This page contains extensive source code in the R language supporting groundwater level informatics, and the entry point is the script visGWDB.R. The approximately 4,000 lines of aggregate code requires also extensive external dependencies. The code provides for near arbitrary-scale information processing of observations or recordings of water levels associated groundwater resources. The processin

Water Use Site Retrieval - Lower Mississippi Gulf Arkansas

In 1977, the Congress of the United States recognized the need for uniform, current, and reliable information on water use and directed the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to establish a National Water-Use Information Program (NWUIP) to complement the Survey's data on the availability and quality of the Nations water resources.

Water Well Construction Reports

Water Well Constrution Reports entered online.