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The Lower Mississippi-Gulf Water Science Center is a 5 state center including Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. Please feel free to reach out to any of our offices via phone, email or social media. 

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Wade Kress

Assistant Director, Hydrologic Decision Science

John C Wolf

Assistant Director, Land Change Research, Hydrologic Transport and Response

Darrell S Lambeth

Lower Mississippi-Gulf WSC - Supervisory Hydrologist

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Geographer Labeeb Ahmed 410-267-5715
IT Specialist William B Barbour 501-228-3611
Administrative Assistant Shanice N Barnett 501-228-3638
Hydrologic Technician John N Barsotti 501-553-3212
Program Officer Todd E Baumann 225-436-2715
Hydrologic Technician Michael W Bennett 615-837-4742
Hydrologic Technician Daniel K Blankenship 850-553-3665
Hydrologic Technician Bobby Brendlinger 865-862-2029
Data Dissemination Specialist Troy H Brossett 501-228-3657
Hydrologic Technician Travis C Brown 225-298-5481
Ext: 3124
Research Biologist Thomas D Byl, Ph.D. 615-837-4750
IT Specialist Nicholas S Calvin 615-837-4721
Hydrologist John K (Jack) Carmichael 615-837-4704
Hydrologic Technician Christopher T Carter 501-228-3622
Science Coordinator, Southeast CASC Jennifer M Cartwright, Ph.D. 615-837-4752
Hydrologic Technician Tammy L Caudle 318-251-9630
Ext: 11
Research Geographer Peter Claggett 443-370-5724
IT Specialist Tonya D Collins 225-298-5481
Ext: 3222
Student Trainee-Hydro Tech Bobby Connor 501-228-3644
Hydrologist Elena Crowley-Ornelas 615-837-4743
Hydrologic Technician David W Crum 615-837-4743
Hydrologic Technician Eric W DeKleyn 615-837-4733
Hydrologic Technician Troy A Devillier 225-298-5481
Ext: 3605
Administrative Management Officer Sandra R Dolls 501-228-3604
Aquatic Ecologist Lucas J Driver 501-228-3600
Assistant Center Director Rachel DuBose, PhD
Hydrologist Leslie L Duncan 615-837-4700
Hydrologic Technician Jeffrey M Elliott 601-933-2961
Hydrologic Technician Joseph T Fleming 501-228-3600
Ext: 3609
Hydrologic Technician James R Fountain 225-298-5481
Ext: 3228
Hydrologic Technician Tyler D Franklin 501-228-3619
Hydrologic Technician Steven B Franks 501-228-3600
Ext: 3630
Ecologist Emily Gain
Hydrologic Technician April R Gale 601-933-2920
Hydrologic Technician Burl B Goree 318-251-9630
Ext: 12
Hydrologist Connor J Haugh 615-837-4771
Hydrologist/Adjunct Professor Phillip D Hays 479-575-7343
Hydrologist Elizabeth N Heal
Hydrologic Technician Peyton M Hendrix 225-298-5481
Ecologist Matthew B Hicks 769-610-8764
Hydrologist Kristi L Hill 931-272-1865
Research Physical Scientist Wells Dean Hively, Phd 607-351-3196
Hydrologic Technician Kevin M Hubbs 479-442-4888
Administrative Operations Assistant Amanda H Jackson 601-933-2914
IT Specialist Barry T Jackson 501-228-3614
IT Specialist Richard M Jenkins 615-837-4725
Hydrologic Technician Marlon Johnson 225-298-5481
Ext: 3611
Hydrologic Technician Jordan C. Johnson 501-228-3600
Ext: 3662
Hydrologic Technician Calvin L Jones 225-298-5481
Ext: 3127
Administrative Specialist Desvin D Jones 225-298-5481
Ext: 3114
Hydrologic Technician Adam W Jones 501-228-3600
Ext: 3660
Physical Scientist Michelle P Katoski (410)-267-9824
Hydrologist James "Jim" A Kingsbury 615-837-4762
Hydrologist Katherine J Knierim, Ph.D. PG 501-607-2653
Lower Mississippi-Gulf WSC Center Director Rodney R Knight 615-837-4731
Assistant Director, Hydrologic Decision Science Wade Kress 615-674-0702
Ecologist Daniel Kroes 225-298-5481
Hydrologist David E Ladd 615-837-4773
Physical Scientist Brian T. Lamb, Ph.D. (631) 736-0783
Lower Mississippi-Gulf WSC - Supervisory Hydrologist Darrell S Lambeth 205-348-0950
IT Specialist - COUA Atticus S Lanier 901-678-7280
Hydrologic Technician Alan D Lasker 501-228-3658
Hydrologic Technician Christopher R Lee 334-395-4125
Hydrologic Technician Joshua D Lee 803-605-0901
Hydrologic Technician Ethan G Lewis 225-298-5481
Ext: 3124
Hydrologic Technician Justin Lott 601-933-2929
Physical Scientist Michael A Manning 601-933-2985
IT Specialist - COUA Cliff C Martin 501-228-3600
Ext: 3624
Hydrologic Technician Bradley Kane Martin 501-228-3600
Ext: 3668
Hydrologic Technician David K Massingill 601-933-2955
Hydrologic Technician Errol P Meche 225-298-5481
Ext: 3607
Hydrologic Technician Benjamin V Miller 615-837-4730
Hydrologist Scott V Mize 225-978-4364
Hydrologic Technician Robert M Moss 601-933-2962
Hydrologic Technican Oran Mosteller 615-837-4764
Hydrologic Technician Thomas J Neighbors 850-553-3683
Administrative Operations Assistant /Approving Official Purchase Coordinator Ginger R. Northern, M.S. (225) 298-5481
Hydrologist Anna M Nottmeier 479-442-4888
Ext: 200
Hydrologic Technician Justin S Palmer 601-933-2958
Supervisory Hydro Tech Scott M Perrien 225-298-5481
Ext: 3621
Associate Center Director, Hydrologic Transport and Response Branch J. R. Rigby 662-202-7777
Hydrologic Technician Noah Riley 334-395-4129
Ext: Office 334-395-4120
Hydrologist Angela L Robinson 225-298-5481
Physical Scientist Claire E Rose 601-933-2988
Supervisory Hydro Tech Garron B Ross 225-298-5481
Ext: 3225
Hydrologic Technician Tyler J Sansing 205-348-0968
Hydrologic Technician Joshua G Schafer 225-298-5481
Hydrologist Lane B Simmons 225-298-5481
Ext: 3218
Hydrologic Technician Glen T Stevens 225-298-5481
Ext: 3606
Hydrologic Technician Shane J Stocks 601-933-2956
Hydrologist John B Storm 601-933-2951
Physical Scientist David R Strong 703-648-6193
Hydrologist Roland W Tollett 318-251-9630
Ext: 13
IT Specialist Michael T Wade 601-933-2981
Hydrologist Daniel M Wagner 479-442-4888
Hydrologic Technician Dustin H Wallace 334-395-4136
Hydrologic Technician Joseph Scott Wallace 334-395-4131
Hydrologic Technician James E Wallace 501-228-3606
Associate – Southwest Data Program (Louisiana) Aub N Ward 318-548-1637
Hydrologic Technician James C Waters 318-251-9630
Ext: 26
Budget Analyst Markeshia D Watson 225-615-6305
Hydrologic Technician Michelle S Wells 205-348-0956
Hydrologist Drew A Westerman 501-228-3643
Hydrologist Amanda R Whaling 479-442-4888
Civil Engineer Vincent E White 225-298-5481
Ext: 3216
Hydrologic Technician Bryan S Williams 601-933-2945
Assistant Director, Hydrologic Networks (Data) Shannon D Williams 615-837-4755
Hydrologic Technician Anita B Williams 501-228-3661
Assistant Director, Land Change Research, Hydrologic Transport and Response John C Wolf 410-267-5739
Hydrologic Technician Jared W Wright 601-933-2910