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Our in-house analytical lab has the capability to analyze for a variety of compounds in both water and soil matrices. The analytical laboratory provides rapid turnaround time for analyses so operational decisions can be made quickly for our microcosm and bioreactor studies.

Methodology has also been created to analyze target compounds with small volume samples, essential to microcosm and bench studies.

Analysis of Volatile Organic Compound's (VOC's) is achieved by using a purge-and-trap GC-MS (HP 6890 GC and HP 5973 Mass Spectrometer), equipped with a 20 meter, 0.18 ID capillary column. The GC-MS is also equipped with an OI Analytical 4560 sample concentrator and an OI Analytical 4552 Headspace Auto-Sampler.

Our method is set to scan mode, and calibrated to 69 compounds. Our compound list includes the EPA 524.2 list along with selected chlorobenzenes.

In addition to the GC-MS, we also employ the use of a HP 7890 GC-FID to analyze methane, ethane and ethylene from head space vials collected from all of the above mentioned sites and microcosm samples.

We also employ an anaerobic chamber (glove box) where we assemble our microcosms, an incubator that is used for fostering the growth of bacteria, a low temperature freezer, and a deionization system to make ultrapure water for sample processing.