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Minerals Data Collection

The National Minerals Information Center canvasses the nonfuel mining and mineral processing industry in the United States for data on mineral production, consumption, recycling, stocks, and shipments. Reporting is voluntary, and the USGS greatly appreciates the contributions of data by companies throughout the United States. The data that companies provide are the foundation upon which the USGS builds its minerals information publications. Unless authorization is granted for release, the data furnished are aggregated so as not to reveal company proprietary data and treated in confidence by the Department of the Interior.

Companies report monthly, quarterly, semiannually, and/or annually. Canvass forms are mailed shortly after the end of the reporting period and are requested to be returned within about 30 days. In addition to reporting by paper canvass forms, companies can now use on-line E-Forms in place of traditional forms to contribute to this valuable effort. Companies already registered with the USGS can sign up to report electronically by selecting the "Sign up" link at To notify the USGS of a new operation, or for further information on registering for e-forms, visit, click "User Log-In," then "Feedback" and select the appropriate "Feedback type."