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Our Mission - Lead in integrated scientific research, assessments, and data collection for the stakeholders in Nebraska and beyond. Monitor, analyze, and predict current and evolving dynamics of complex human and natural Earth-system interactions, and to deliver actionable information at scales and timeframes relevant to decision makers

The Mission of the USGS Nebraska Water Science Center is to:

  • provide high-quality, rigorously-collected water data to agency-wide comprehensive standards;
  • remain free from political influence or induced bias from any source;
  • provide the latest in interpretive scientific approaches to Nebraska stakeholders;
  • provide hydrologic data quickly after hazardous events, such as floods;
  • monitor and assess water resources in Nebraska and beyond as directed by Congress, or as requested by other Federal agencies;
  • provide national expertise to local issues, for both local and national benefit;
  • monitor and study water resources holistically, as a continuum and without respect to political borders;
  • establish and demonstrate methods for others to adopt;
  • provide and make available data and studies through persistent federal repositories.