Surveillance and Special Project Forms and Instructions

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Access forms and instructions for surveillance projects and other ongoing special projects.

Bat white-nose syndrome/Pd surveillance submissions

Click here for the Bat White-Nose Syndrome (WNS)/Pd Surveillance Submission Guidelines Winter 2020/2021 (November – May). These guidelines are for use when evaluating unusual bat morbidity or mortality during Winter 2020/2021 identified through either passive surveillance efforts (i.e. public reporting, rabies lab submissions) or active surveillance efforts (i.e. hibernacula surveys, spring trapping). They are meant to assist with prioritizing appropriate field samples for laboratory submission based on presence/absence of WNS clinical signs, geographic location, and prior knowledge of WNS status at a site. This document also provides information on the National Pd Surveillance Project to assist partners with determining a level of participation that fits their capabilities and interests.

The primary objectives of this surveillance design are to identify range expansion of Pseudogymnoascus (formerly Geomyces) destructans (Pd) and new species of bats affected by WNS. This document replaces all previous winter submission guidelines from the USGS National Wildlife Health Center.

Please contact Anne Ballmann at (608) 270-2445 or with any questions.


Amphibian Standard Operating Procedure

Collection, Preservation, Packaging, and Shipping of Amphibians for Diagnostic Evaluations


Inclusion Body Disease of Cranes (IBDC) submissions

Prior to submitting samples for IBDC serology, please do the following:

1) Review the IBDC Submission Instructions.

2) Download the IBDC Testing Submission Form and save it to your computer. (NOTE: The form must be downloaded to your computer BEFORE you fill it out.)

3) Complete the submission form and enclose it with the shipment.

Inclusion Body Disease of Cranes (IBDC) serology is performed as a service by the USGS National Wildlife Health Center upon request. This testing is to assist with compliance and permit requirements of the USFWS Offices of Scientific and Management Authority.

Please contact Jennifer Buckner at (608) 270-2443 or with any questions and to notify of submissions.

Inclusion Body Disease of Cranes (IBDC) serology is performed as a service by the USGS National Wildlife Health Center (NWHC) upon request. 

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