National Wildlife Health Center


Explore each theme below and discover how the USGS National Wildlife Health Center's research, services, and projects support our mission of safeguarding wildlife and ecosystem health through dynamic partnerships and exceptional science.


Find the following topics under each theme:  

Emerging Wildlife Diseases: Avian Influenza; Bsal; Chronic Wasting Disease; Marine Invertebrate Diseases; Sea Turtle Diseases; Snake Fungal Disease; Sylvatic Plague; White-Nose Syndrome; Vector-Borne Diseases

Disease Investigation Services: Report Mortality Events and Submit Specimens; Diagnostic Services; Epidemiological Services; Surveillance and Special Project Forms and Instructions

Disease Surveillance: Avian Influenza Surveillance; Bsal Surveillance; White-Nose Syndrome Surveillance

Disease Management Tools: Disease Ecology and Modeling; Vaccines; Technology Development and Innovation

Honolulu Field Station: Marine Invertebrate Diseases; Sea Turtle Diseases; Avian Diseases; Fish Health; Invasive Species; Manuals and Resources


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