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Western Ecological Research Center


WERC's scientists study the diverse ecosystems of California and Nevada. Follow our science and projects through this Outreach page, and learn more about your local landscape with our library of Outreach handouts and blog entries. Thanks for joining us!

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Date published: October 28, 2016
Status: Active

WERC Newsletters

USGS Western Ecological Research Center newsletters ran from 2012 to early 2016. Explore the archives for exciting information on projects, events, and news interviews involving our scientists.

Date published: October 28, 2016
Status: Active

Research Handouts

USGS Western Ecological Research Center compiles one-page handouts on WERC scientists' projects involving high-profile topics like renewable energy, drought, climate change, and more. These handouts are perfect for conferences and meetings with partners and resource managers. 

Date published: October 27, 2016

Outreach Coloring Sheets

Our center has prepared wildlife coloring sheets for the classroom and field trips. Please click on our "Science" tab to see a list of the coloring sheets available to you.