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Explore our field station pages at "Locations" and visit our "Employee Directory" for specific contacts not included in the list below.

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Research Wildlife Biologist Josh T Ackerman 530-669-5087
Research Biologist Josh Adams 831-460-7566
Supervisory Research Wildlife Biologist Kristin Berry 951-697-5361
Research Ecologist Lizabeth Bowen 530-752-5365
Biologist Cheryl Brehme 619-225-6427
Supervisory Research Ecologist Matthew Brooks 559-240-7622
Ecologist Kevin Buffington 707-562-2000
Research Wildlife Biologist Michael Casazza 530-669-5075
Biologist Denise Clark 619-225-6435
Research Wildlife Biologist Peter Coates 530-669-5073
Research Ecologist Lea A Condon, PhD 916-278-9485
Research Hydrologist Wesley Danskin 619-225-6132
Research Ecologist Adrian Das 559-565-3179
Research Wildlife Biologist Susan De La Cruz 707-562-2004
Research Plant Ecologist Lesley DeFalco 702-564-4507
Research Ecologist Todd Esque 702-564-4506
Biologist Brittany Ewing
Supervisory Research Biologist Robert N Fisher 619-225-6422
Scientist Emeritus Joseph Fleskes 530-669-5074
Research Wildlife Biologist Brian Halstead 530-669-5076
Wildlife Biologist Christopher "Alex" Hartman 530-669-5085
Scientist Emeritus Brian B Hatfield
Wildlife Biologist Mark Herzog 530-669-5086
Acting Administrative Officer Nicole Hettich (916) 659-0010
Biologist Alexandra Houston 619-225-6454
Senior Scientist, ST Jon Keeley 559-565-3170
Wildlife Biologist Emily (Emma) Kelsey 831-460-7572
Research Manager Tom Kimball 916-538-8332
Supervisory Ecologist Patrick M Kleeman 415-464-5184
Supervisory Research Ecologist Barbara Kus 619-225-6421
Senior Ecologist, ST Kevin Lafferty 805-893-8778
Senior Program Officer Tina Licari
Research Wildlife Biologist Kathleen Longshore 702-564-4505
Geographer Austen A Lorenz
Ecologist Suellen Lynn 619-225-6437
Wildlife Biologist Elliott Matchett 530-669-5063
Biologist Tritia A Matsuda 619-225-6443
Research Ecologist Kathryn McEachern 805-658-5753
Center Director A. Keith Miles
Wildlife Biologist Shawn T O'Neil
Wildlife Biologist Cory Overton 530-669-5083
Wildlife Biologist Sarah Peterson 530-669-5088
Ecologist Kristine Preston 619-225-6420
Biologist Gabriel A Reyes
Geneticist Jonathan Q Richmond 619-225-6434
Biologist Jonathan Rose 530-902-8928
Ecologist Sara Sciulla 702-564-4624
Chief of Staff Sarah Spring 916-206-3018
Scientist Emeritus Nathan Stephenson 559-565-3176
Research Ecologist Karen Thorne, Ph.D. 916-502-2996
Biologist & Southwest Region Dive Safety Officer Joseph Tomoleoni 831-254-9750
Research Ecologist Phillip van Mantgem 707-825-5189
Supervisory Research Geneticist Amy Vandergast 619-225-6445
Ecologist Shannon Waters 530-752-5306
Biologist Laura (Laney) White 530-631-2142
Biologist Isa Woo 707-562-2001
Research Statistician Julie Yee 530-669-5097