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Our Mission and Vision

The Western Ecological Research Center provides its clients and partners with the research, scientific understanding, and technology needed to support sound management of California and Nevada ecosystems.

California and Nevada have some of the most ecologically rich and diverse ecosystems in the Nation. Contained within these landscapes are a dazzling array of habitats that range from below-sea-level deserts, to alpine tundra, coastal mountains, and coastal marine seashores. The research of WERC also includes Pacific islands and waters. The scientists of WERC reflect the diversity of this region with expertise in a wide range of disciplines. This diversity in expertise and location gives the scientists an in-depth understanding of the bioregions in which they reside, and enables them to quickly meet high-priority client needs. Their capabilities fulfill the varied needs of clients and partners, from ecological research, monitoring, and technology development, to fundamental biology and modeling.

The mission of WERC is to conduct peer-reviewed research using innovative tools to provide natural resource managers with the knowledge to address challenges to ecosystem function and services in Pacific West landscapes. The Western Ecological Research Center is the primary source for biological research needed to support sound decisions by DOI and other resource managers in California and Nevada. Center scientists are nationally-recognized experts on the ecosystems and associated species of the region and are the first choice of DOI partners to meet their information needs. The Center provides information in formats useful to managers that include peer-reviewed publications, technical assistance, and technologies such as Geographic Information Systems and distributed databases.

The most valuable resource of the Center is its dedicated staff. Their integrity and professionalism are the foundation for the Center's success. They work in an environment that encourages teamwork, growth, and problem solving.

WERC's diverse range of ecosystems
WERC studies are conducted in a multitude of ecosystems, examples include work in the deserts of the Mojave, alpine meadows of the Sierra Nevada, coastal forests of Redwood National Park, and Pacific ocean ecosystems. (Public domain.)