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Date published: February 27, 2019
Status: Active

Effects of Native and Non-native Fishes on Native Apple Snail Population Dynamics

The Florida apple snail is a critical component of the state's wetland food webs. USGS scientists assess the effects of native and non-native fishes on the native snail populations.

Contacts: Pamela J Schofield, Ph.D., Daniel Slone, Ph.D., Kristen Reaver, Philip C. Darby, Ph.D., Silvia M. Gutierre, Ph.D.
Date published: April 17, 2013

Coping with Invasive Alien Species and Environmental Stressors: Linking Behavioral Studies with Management for Anuran Amphibians

Climate change and invasive species are two key drivers of biodiversity loss. Knowing how amphibians respond to climate change and invasive species can greatly improve predictions of species' persistence in the face of these factors and can help guide resource managers and conservation biologists in developing strategies to manage for these encroaching disturbances.