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Sharing our science and engaging our youth is important at WFRC.  Scientists serve as advisors, participate in schools, and engage in activities with youth ranging from elementary school through college.  We participate in programs that promote diversity and provide opportunities in fisheries science.

Species Studied and Descriptions

Species Studied and Descriptions

Many species are studied at the WFRC.  These species include bacteria, birds, fish, invertebrates, parasites, plants, and viruses. The list contains both common and scientific names, and where each are being studied on the WFRC landscape.

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Date published: February 11, 2021
Status: Active

I Am A(n)...Ichthyologist

I Am A(n) ... Ichthyologist is part of our "I Am A..." series of USGS whiteboard animations that highlight USGS careers. The concept is to show "what society (or my mom) thinks I do" compared with "what I really do." One image captures a more whimsical representation of a "scientist" in...

Date published: September 11, 2018
Status: Active

Questions and Answers About Salmon

A list of questions asked by students and answers provided by a USGS-WFRC Scientist.