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The USGS internship program with the City College of New York offers students impactful internships with USGS in a variety of science fields. In February 2023, the lecture series used to introduce students to USGS research is celebrating the 100th speaker in the series! 

Aerial view of two people working in a lab
Interns preparing a salt marsh sediment sample for analysis. 

The USGS internship program with the City College of New York (CCNY) recruits high achieving undergraduate and graduate students in fields such as biology, hydrology, computer science, cartography, geology, administration, engineering, and chemistry, for internships where they can make meaningful contributions to USGS projects.

Students are introduced to the diverse range of USGS research through a lecture series where USGS scientists and technologists discuss the work they do and interact with the students and faculty. The series has grown to eight speakers per school year and is offered as a one-credit undergraduate course through the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.  

This February, the USGS/CCNY Internship Program is celebrating its 100th speaker in the lecture series! Chris Schubert, a Program Development Specialist with the USGS New York Water Science Center, will have the honor of presenting. This milestone is a true testimony to the continued dedication of USGS and CCNY to provide students with opportunities to gain valuable science experience. 

The USGS is proud to celebrate this milestone. It represents the ongoing opportunities being offered to these high achieving students and the growing pool of qualified graduates eligible for employment consideration by the USGS and more broadly throughout the United States Department of the Interior. We are committed to improving diverse representation and equity in science and we are excited to continue helping students gain skills and experience valuable to advancing their education and their journeys to becoming scientists.

“We are so thrilled to join you in marking this impressive milestone that highlights such an enduring and impactful collaboration between USGS and City College,” said Susan Perkins, the Martin and Michele Cohen Dean of Science for CCNY. 

The CCNY, located in Harlem, New York City, is an ideal partner for USGS recruitment efforts. It is nationally ranked in science and engineering by US News & World Report and internationally recognized for the research activities of its faculty. Additionally, CCNY is a minority-serving institution and a member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. Enrollment for students in Liberal Arts and Science, Engineering, Education, and Biomedical Education is about 16,000 for undergraduate students and about 3,000 for graduate students. 

Two people collecting a sediment core in a salt marsh
Summer interns Zachary Taylor and Simone Gibson collect a sediment core from a salt marsh in the Herring River Estuary. 

The USGS Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center (WHCMSC) initiated the USGS/CCNY Internship Program in 2005 to increase diversity in the workplace and meet Department-wide goals on youth hiring. Since its inception, Walter Barnhardt (USGS WHCMSC, Marine Geologist), with the support of Eleanour Snowe (USGS, Manager of Youth and Education Programs), has coordinated student internship recruiting efforts at CCNY. This coordination includes describing the broad spectrum of work the USGS conducts as part of its mission, explaining the application process, and meeting with students that are highly recommended by CCNY faculty. Once applications are received, scientists at various USGS offices can review the applicants and reach out to students with skill sets and interests that fit their unique needs to create an ideal internship opportunity for both parties. 

The USGS initiates and participates in numerous internship programs throughout the country. For example, in addition to creating the USGS/CCNY Internship Program, the USGS WHCMSC also helped start the Partnership Education Program, a 10-week residential program primarily for college juniors and seniors from groups underrepresented in the marine and coastal sciences, and a partnership program with the University of Puerto Rico. Scientists at the WHCMSC also mentor students through the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Summer Student Fellowship and the USGS/National Association of Geoscience Teachers Cooperative Summer Field Training Program. 

For more information on USGS internships, visit the USGS Youth and Education in Science webpage. 


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