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Current Wyoming-Montana Water Conditions

Current Wyoming-Montana Water Conditions

Explore Wyoming-Montana real-time streamflow, groundwater, and water-quality conditions and access data with our interactive map.

Current Conditions

Geospatial Research and Development to Understand Hydrologic Processes

Geospatial Research and Development to Understand Hydrologic Processes

Geospatial data, such as remote sensing images and map based information, provide an opportunity to evaluate hydrologic systems with a spatially continuous data set.

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Date published: October 16, 2020

New Patent Helps Coalbed Methane Research

Far underground, in a Wyoming well-bore drilled through rock and coal, exciting research is bubbling up. USGS researchers are studying how bacteria and other microbes may play a role in the formation of natural gas from coal, and they’re using one of USGS’ newest patents to do it. This patent is the subsurface environmental sampler, or SES.

Date published: September 18, 2020

Use of Robotic DNA Samplers That Can Rapidly Detect Invasive Aquatic Species

USGS researchers and their collaborators demonstrated the efficacy of using robotic environmental DNA samplers for bio surveillance in freshwater systems, showing that samples collected, processed, and preserved by robotic sampler detect organism DNA in the environment at rates comparable to those collected traditionally by human technicians.