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The Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center has main offices in Cheyenne, Wyoming and Helena, Montana. Field offices are located in Casper and Riverton, Wyoming and Billings, Montana.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Hydrologist - Civil Engineering Dan Armstrong 406-465-9165
Research Physical Scientist Theodore B. Barnhart 406-459-8707
Research Hydrologist (Microbiologist) Elliott Barnhart 406-594-4143
Hydrologist Nancy A Barth 701-250-7407
Hydrologist/Groundwater Specialist Timothy T Bartos 307-287-7515
Hydrologist Jimmy Betsill 307-287-5654
Hydrologic Technician Eric Blajszczak 307-287-0935
Hydrologic Technician Haylie Brown 406-475-4535
Administrative Operations Assistant Thomas P Brown 406-594-9792
Hydrologist Cailin L Brugger 307-287-5261
Hydrologist Rodney R Caldwell 406-461-6931
Hydrologist James R Campbell 307-855-5308
Surface-Water Specialist Katherine J. Chase 406-594-9787
Hydrologist Gregory Daniel Clark 406-594-9841
Hydrologic Technician Rick Creek 406-438-7006
Hydrologist Seth L. Davidson 307-287-1856
I.T. Specialist Andrew Durnan 307-757-6464
Physical Science Technician/Water Use Specialist DeAnn M Dutton 406-594-9802
Microbiologist Sara LeAnn (Caldwell) Eldridge 406-594-9794
Hydrologic Technician Dennis Elliott 406-594-9793
Hydrologic Technician Erin Evans 406-679-5424
Data Management Section Chief Aaron A Fiaschetti 406-594-9785
Hydrologic Technician Kari Finley 406-475-4604
Hydrologic Technician Madison Goodman 406-410-4180
Geologist Laura L. Hallberg 307-287-6187
Physical Scientist William B Hamilton 406-594-6093
Hydrologist Aaron J Heldmyer 307-287-4509
Administrative Operations Assistant Jena Hilchen 406-457-5900
Hydrologist Steve Holnbeck 406-465-8202
Hydrologic Technician Rachel Hughes 406-410-4172
Hydrologic Technician Zachary D Johnson 307-287-7661
Center Director John M Kilpatrick 406-457-5902
Hydrologist Lindsey King 406-465-7021
Supervisory Hydrologist Stacy M Kinsey 406-594-1266
Hydrologist Ruth M. Law 307-855-5671
Hydrologist (Geo) Sean M Lawlor 406-594-9842
Deputy Center Director for Observing Systems Brian L Loving 307-630-0782
Administrative Officer Jason Mandy 406-422-6243
National StreamStats Coordinator Peter M McCarthy 406-475-4585
Hydrologic Technician Kiel A McLaughlin 307-287-5869
Hydrologist (Student Trainee) Ryan R. McShane 307-287-7434
Hydrologist / Communications Specialist Cheryl Eddy Miller 307-287-1907
Former Employee Kirk A. Miller (Former Employee) 307-775-9168
Physical Scientist Molly A. Moloney 406-594-9800
Hydrologic Technician Shaun W Moran 307-855-5666
Hydrologic Technician Megan B Moss 307-855-5660
Hydrologic Technician Shea M Musselman 307-262-6504
Hydrologic Technician Jacob Neumiller 307-287-5639
Hydrologic Technician Jonathan O'Connell 406-475-4621
Hydrologic Technician Cailey Philmon 406-475-4572
I.T. specialist Jim Pollard 406-465-2871
Hydrologic Technician Brett Price 406-475-4549
Administrative Operations Assistant Sheri L Priddy
Hydrologic Technician Emily J. Rapp 406-475-4563
Hydrologic Technician Chad Reese 406-475-4555
Physical Scientist (GIS) Roy Sando 406-594-9801
Hydrologist (NDAA) Steve Sando 406-457-5928
Hydrologic Technician Paul M. Scarpari 406-679-5416
Supervisory Hydrologist Melissa Schaar 406-459-8703
Research Ecologist Travis S Schmidt, Ph.D. 406-594-9788
Research Geographer David Selkowitz 406-457-5900
Hydrologist - Civil Engineering Seth Siefken 406-475-4626
Hydrologist J Brooks Stephens 406-679-5371
Hydrologist Nicole Stine 406-594-9808
Hydrologist (Pathways) Meryl B Storb 406-465-2390
Hydrologic Technician Jason Swanson 307-287-5691
Hydrologist Nicholas Taylor 307-287-7300
Hydrologic Technician Kyle VanVleet 406-459-8699
Budget Analyst Jennifer Walgrave 406-594-9790
Hydrologic Technician Alexander Walker 406-410-4112
Partnership Ecologist Sheree J. Watson, PhD 406-994-6556
Hydrologist Clayton R Wells 307-277-0076
Hydrologic Technician Micah J. Wells 406-475-4551
Supervisory Hydrologist Jerrod D. Wheeler 307-855-5673
Data Operations Section Chief Scott Whiteman 406-459-8792
Hydrologist Peter R. Wright 406-679-5467
Physical Scientist (Pathways Career Intern) Patrick Wurster 406-594-9786