Elevation Derivatives for National Applications (EDNA)


EDNA is a multi-layered database derived from a version of the National Elevation Dataset (NED), which has been hydrologically conditioned for improved hydrologic flow representation. The seamless EDNA database provides 30 meters resolution raster and vector data layers.


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Year Published: 2005

Elevation derivatives for national applications

The Elevation Derivatives for National Applications (EDNA) project is a multi-agency effort to develop standard topographically derived layers for use in hydrologic and environmental modeling. The EDNA takes advantage of the seamless and filtered characteristics for the National Elevation Dataset (NED) to create a hydrologically conditioned...

U.S. Geological Survey, 2005, Elevation derivatives for national applications: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2005–3049, 2 p., https://doi.org/10.3133/fs20053049.