Landsat Missions

Landsat Sample Products

The USGS provides the Landsat user community access to standard and provisional sample products. These may include new science products and/or future product improvements, enhancements or bug fixes (e.g., shutter intrusion events).

The following Landsat product samples are currently available to download:

Landsat Collection 2

*Note: All Landsat Collection 2 data were made available for download from EarthExplorer on December 1, 2020. The files listed below are being retained to support new science product development. 

Collection 2 Level-1 Data Product Samples (updated 01/08/2021)

Collection 2 Level-2 Data Products (Surface Temperature and Surface Reflectance) Samples (updated 01/08/2021)

Collection 2 Level-1 Metadata Changes

There are several enhancements and changes between Collection 1 and Collection 2 Level-1 metadata.

New to Collection 2 data is the addition of an extensible markup language (XML) to the already offered Material Library File (MTL) (Object Description Language-based) format file. The metadata files facilitate consistency, machine-to-machine scripting and rapid querying of the USGS Landsat archive.  The Landsat Collection 2 Level-1 Metadata Additions and Changes page describes changes to each and provides files displaying the changes. There are also changes to the metadata fields visible on EarthExplorer and its associated applications. 

Please contact USGS EROS Customer Services to provide any feedback or for additional support with downloading or viewing Landsat sample data products.