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Landsat Science provides input to maintain the success of the Landsat Mission, while also ensuring that the Landsat program represents the only source of global, calibrated, moderate spatial resolution measurements of the Earth’s surface that can be compared to previous data records.

Landsat Data Users Handbooks

Landsat Data Users Handbooks provide a basic understanding of all segments for each Landsat Mission: spacecraft and sensors; data acquisitions; data processing systems; sensor and product calibration; and the resulting science products that are generated and made available for download. References to technical details about each of these areas are also included in the documents.

Landsat Education Resources

Landsat education and outreach resources can be used by students, teachers, and the general public to further understand the fundamentals of remote sensing, Landsat technology, and how practical applications of Landsat data are helping specialists manage Earth’s natural resources for a growing world population.