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Chemical analyses and histopathology of organisms and plants collected from breccia pipe uranium mine sites in the Grand Canyon watershed, 2015-2020

August 31, 2020

These data are comprised of measurements of aluminum, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, arsenic, selenium, molybdenum, silver, cadmium, thallium, lead, bismuth, thorium, uranium, and mercury in invertebrates, vegetation, and small rodents. Gross alpha activity, gross beta activity, and radionuclide activities (isotopic U, isotopic Th) are also presented for vegetation; radioactivities for small rodents were previously presented at Histopathology results are given for liver and kidney lesions generally associated with metals toxicoses in small rodents. Samples were collected at the Pinenut Mine (active mining) and Arizona 1 Mine (post-production) in the Grand Canyon watershed. The non-mineralized reference sites were Little Robinson Tank and Wild Band Reservoir (Valley pocket gophers only). Results for the pre-production site (Canyon Mine) were previously presented at