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Current-use pesticides and emerging amphibian pathogens in natural ponds, excavated ponds, and stormwater basins from 24 sites varying in land-use classifications throughout the New Jersey Pinelands, 2014-2016

July 26, 2018

Water, sediment, anuran food (leaf litter and detritus) and whole body larval amphibian composites were analyzed for over 100 current-use pesticides from 24 wetlands representing land-use gradients in the New Jersey Pinelands, USA during 2014-2016. Emerging amphibian pathogens, Ranavirus and Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) were also assessed in individual larvae at the 24 wetlands. Tables in this data release contain the results from these analyses, with quality assurance summaries, along with site information, including land-use classifications.