Kristin Romanok


After graduating from Rider University with a B.S. in Geology and a minor in Oceanography, I started my career at the USGS in 1996 (initially as an intern). I began in the water-quality data unit, where my duties included ground-water and surface-water sampling as well as publishing the annual data report.  Years later, I then began working on the Delaware River NAWQA program collecting stream water-quality samples, and was responsible for publishing the data in the annual data report. Following that I worked part-time assisting many projects within the Long-Island New Jersey and Delaware River NAWQA programs, and many non-NAWQA projects in field preparation, data and database integrity, report preparation, and anything else that was needed. Most recently, I have joined the Environmental Health Mission Area, Toxics Program, Water and Wastewater Infrastruture project as the data management coordinator.