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Demographic modeling data (including code) at various sites in the Great Basin, USA

June 7, 2019

These data were compiled to determine whether transient population dynamics substantially alter population growth rates of sagebrush after disturbance, impede resilience and restoration, and in turn drive ecosystem transformation. Data were collected from 2014-2016 on sagebrush population height distributions at 531 sites across the Great Basin that had burned and were subsequently reseeded by the BLM. These data include field data on sagebrush density in 6 size classes and site attributes (seeding year, sampling year, random site designation, elevation, seeding rate). Also included are modeled spring soil moisture data at each site from the year of seeding to sampling. This data release includes associated software code allows the inference of demographic rates (survival, reproduction, and individual growth) of sagebrush using Hamiltonian Monte Carlo approaches in Stan (

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