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High-resolution geophysical data collected along the Delmarva Peninsula 2014, USGS Field Activity 2014-002-FA

June 24, 2015

The Delmarva Peninsula is a 220-kilometer-long headland, spit, and barrier island complex that was significantly affected by Hurricane Sandy. A USGS cruise was conducted in the summer of 2014 to map the inner-continental shelf of the Delmarva Peninsula using geophysical and sampling techniques to define the geologic framework that governs coastal system evolution at storm-event and longer timescales. Geophysical data collected during the 2014 cruise include swath bathymetric, sidescan sonar, chirp and boomer seismic reflection profiles, acoustic Doppler current profiler, and sample and bottom photograph and video data. Preliminary datasets of backscatter and bathymetry are released here to the public and collaborators while final datasets for all data collected will be released in 2015. More information about the USGS survey conducted as part of the Hurricane Sandy Response--