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Impounded and tidal wetland plant diversity and composition across spatial scales, San Francisco Bay-Delta, California, USA (2016-2018)

February 17, 2021

These datasets provide information on plant alpha, beta, and gamma diversity, and plant species abundance at several spatial scales for tidal wetlands along a salinity gradient in the San Francisco Bay-Delta and an impounded brackish wetland complex in Suisun Marsh, California. Files include diversity metrics calculated at the patch, site, and region scales, average percent cover of wetland dominant plants at the patch scale, and average percent cover of all wetland plants at the site scale.

These data support the following paper:
Jones, S.F., Janousek, C.N., Casazza, M.L., Takekawa, J.Y. and Thorne, K.M., 2021. Seasonal impoundment alters patterns of tidal wetland plant diversity across spatial scales. Ecosphere, 12(2), p.e03366.