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Microclimate influences mangrove freeze damage: Implications for range expansion in response to changing macroclimate

February 20, 2019

In this data release, we present data from three nights of chilling temperatures in 2015 (18th/19th January 2015; 18th/19th February 2015; 5th/6th March 2015) and from three nights of freezing temperatures in 2017/2018 (6th/7th January 2017; 1nd/2nd January 2018; 16th/17th January 2018). In the paper that accompanies this release, we synthesized hypotheses regarding the effects of microclimatic variation on temperature gradients and mangrove freeze damage. Temperature data from the literature and temperature loggers were used to quantify ecologically-relevant temperature gradients. Then, literature-derived mangrove freeze damage data were used to quantify the ecological effects of these temperature gradients. Here we present data from the temperature loggers. For additional information, see the associated publication by Osland et al. "Microclimate influences mangrove freeze damage: implications for range expansion in response to changing macroclimate."