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Seine Collection Data Along the Michigan Shoreline of the St. Clair-Detroit River System

January 21, 2021

These data contain counts of fish species collected with a 1.83 m x 9.14 m bag seine constructed of 1.6 mm Delta nylon mesh. When permitted, five consecutive 15.25 m hauls were made parallel to the shoreline. Sites with smaller shorelines were sampled to the greatest extent possible and distance recorded. The seine was pulled in the upstream direction to allow the net to stay open during sampling. Following each haul, fish were sorted by species and counted. Macrophyte community characteristics (percent cover and species) were assessed by visually approximating the proportion of sites occupied by each species. A rake was used to collect vegetation for lab verification of species identification. Other habitat features including shoreline vegetation types, water temperature and bottom substrate types were also recorded.

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