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Corbin D Hilling, PhD

Corbin Hilling is a Fish Biologist working out of the Great Lakes Science Center, Lake Erie Biological Station in Huron, OH. 

Corbin began working in fisheries science as an undergraduate student at West Virginia University. He later earned a M.S. at West Virginia University studying channel catfish population biology in a West Virginia hydropower reservoir. During his doctoral studies at Virginia Tech, Corbin studied non-native catfish populations in tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay. He developed a size-based stock assessment model for blue catfish, which allowed for estimation of predatory effects on native species and evaluation of potential management strategies. Corbin also co-authored a book (Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Virginia) as a doctoral student. Corbin is working to understand non-native grass carp reproduction in the Great Lakes basin, as well as processes influencing fish early life history and recruitment. Corbin is also interested in evaluating aquatic survey methods to understand and correct biases in population assessments. Generally, Corbin's research is generally focused on questions related to fisheries management, population dynamics, non-native species, and evaluation/development of fishery survey and analysis methods.

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