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Seismogenic Landslides, Debris Flows, and Outburst Floods in the Western United States and Canada from 1977 to 2017

January 23, 2018

This data release is a compilation of known landslides, debris flows, lahars, and outburst floods that generated seismic signals observable on existing seismic networks. The data release includes basic information about each event such as location, volume, area, and runout distances as well as information about seismic detections and the location of seismic data, photos, maps, GIS files, and links to papers, websites, and media reports about the event. Not all record types exist for each event, and the quality of the information varies from event to event.

While the SQLite3 database (lsseis.db) is the native format of this database and preserves its relational structure, for the convenience of users, we extracted summary csv files of the table of events (Events.csv), which summarizes the locations and basic information about each event included in the collection and all of the references used (references.csv) from the database. We also extracted csv files specific to each event contained in the file. When unzipped, it contains a folder for each event that contains .csv files that summarize the sources of information we used for the event (*_information.csv), what references were used (*_references.csv), a list of seismic detections (*_seismic_detections.csv), a list of photos and figures (*_photos_figures.csv) and a list of maps and GIS files (*_maps_gis.csv), where the * indicates the unique event id (Eid), name, and date of each event. This folder will also contain any accompanying files such as photos, maps, and seismic data (if not already archived). Not all files exist for all events. These csv files are described in the metadata. The methods used to compile the database are described in the following sections.

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