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Soil-Water-Balance (SWB) model archive used to simulate mean annual upland recharge from infiltration of precipitation and snowmelt in Harney Basin, Oregon, 1982-2016

April 12, 2022

This model archive makes available the calibrated Soil-Water-Balance (SWB) model used to simulate upland recharge from infiltration of precipitation and snowmelt in the Harney Basin, Oregon, 1982-2016. The model was calibrated using annual values of runoff, evapotranspiration, and baseflow for eight watersheds in the basin. The Harney Basin SWB model was used to create output at the scale of 1-kilometer grid cells. The simulations were used to create daily grids of potential recharge. The calibrated SWB model and its use is described in the associated U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2021–5128 (Garcia and others, 2022; The directory structure of the model archive contains all the files needed to document and run the model. The directories in the archive are presented each as a separate .zip file and include an "ancillary" directory, a "bin" directory, a "georef" directory, a "model directory, an "output" directory, and a "source" directory. There is a README file describing all the files and directories in the archive and information on how to run the model. Each primary folder also contains a README file describing the contents.