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Supplemental data from: Hydraulic Characterization of Volcanic Rocks in Pahute Mesa Using an Integrated Analysis of 16 Multiple-Well Aquifer Tests, Nevada National Security Site, 200914

January 9, 2017

An improved understanding of groundwater flow and radionuclide migration downgradient from underground nuclear-testing areas at Pahute Mesa, Nevada National Security Site, requires accurate subsurface hydraulic characterization. To improve conceptual models of flow and transport in the complex hydrogeologic system beneath Pahute Mesa, the U.S. Geological Survey characterized bulk hydraulic properties of volcanic rocks using an integrated analysis of 16 multiple-well aquifer tests. A cumulative volume of 63 million gallons was pumped and water-level changes were observed in 34 wells during these aquifer tests. Drawdown from multiple-well aquifer testing was estimated and distinguished from natural fluctuations in more than 200 pumping and observation wells using analytical water-level models. Drawdown estimates from measured water levels and the analytical water-level models used to estimate discharge are provided in this data release. Well construction and water-level and discharge measurements during aquifer testing also are provided.