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Suspended-sediment, bedload, bed-sediment, and multibeam sonar data in the Chippewa River, WI

March 6, 2022

These data were compiled for analyses of sediment transport within the Chippewa River, WI. Objective(s) of our study were to determine sand loads contributed by the Chippewa River to the Mississippi River. These data include physical suspended-sediment samples, acoustical suspended-sediment measurements, acoustical suspended-sediment loads, quasi-continuous measurements of bed-elevation, multibeam sonar survey data, and longitudinal profiles of the bed-elevation at certain locations. These data were collected in the Chippewa River in 2018 and 2019. Acoustical suspended-sediment data also include data from March and April 2020. These data were collected by the USGS Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center and Upper Midwest Water Science Center. These data include both physical samples and remotely sensed data using sensors including acoustic Doppler profilers and multibeam sonar. These data can be used to analyze sediment-transport data and temporal trends in sediment transport within the Chippewa River.