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The Energy Resources Program conducts research and assessments to advance the understanding of the Nation’s energy resources. We study processes critical to the formation, accumulation, occurrence and alteration of geologically based energy resources; prepare resource assessments; and evaluate the environmental and socioeconomic effects of energy resource occurrence, production and use.

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Our Science

Understanding the national and global availability of resources as well as the environmental impacts of their development is essential for strategic decision making related to the nation’s energy mix.

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Regional Studies


Date published: April 26, 2019

Test Well Confirms Two Gas Hydrate Reservoirs in Alaska North Slope

In the far north of Alaska, near the giant Prudhoe Bay oil field, an international research consortium has been studying the potential of an altogether different energy source.  In late December of 2018, drilling operations confirmed the existence of two high-quality reservoirs that were fully saturated with a potential alternative fuel source: gas hydrate.

Date published: March 8, 2019

Making Minerals-How Growing Rocks Can Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

Following an assessment of geologic carbon storage potential in sedimentary rocks, the USGS has published a comprehensive review of potential carbon storage in igneous and metamorphic rocks through a process known as carbon mineralization.


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Year Published: 2019

Petrology and geochemistry of migrated hydrocarbons associated with the Albert Formation oil shale in New Brunswick, Canada

Samples of the Carboniferous oil shale of the Albert Formation in New Brunswick, Canada, were examined using reflected white and fluorescence light microscopy, Rock-Eval pyrolysis, and ICP-MS (for elements). The presence of fractured filled solid bitumen in contact with, and within the Albert Formation oil shale, particularly in fractures at the...

F. Goodarzi; T. Gentzis; Karacan, Cevat (Ozgen); H. Sanei; P.K. Pederson

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Year Published: 2019

Hydrous heating experiments at 130°C yield insights into the occurrence of hydrogen sulfide and light alkanes in natural gas reservoirs

Improved understanding of the origin of produced volatiles from conventional reservoirs and unconventional source rocks is critical for petroleum exploration and production. A series of hydrous heating experiments using two immature Type II siliciclastic source rocks, Pennsylvanian Turner Mine shale (TMS) and Devonian New Albany Shale (NAS), at...

Jubb, Aaron M.; Alrowaie, M.A.; Schimmelmann, A.; Mastalerz, M.; Pratt, L.M.

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Year Published: 2019

A Methodology to Assess the National and Regional Impacts of U.S. Wind Energy Development on Birds and Bats

This scientific investigations report describes an effort by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) that used research, monitoring data, and modeling to develop a methodology to assess both the current and future population-level consequences of wind energy development on species of birds and bats that are present in the United States during any part...

Diffendorfer, J.E.; Beston, J.A.; Merrill, M.D.; Stanton, J.C.; Corum, M.D.; Loss, S.R.; Thogmartin, W.E.; Johnson, D.H.; Erickson, R.A.; Heist, K.W.
Diffendorfer, J.E., Beston, J.A., Merrill, M.D., Stanton, J.C., Corum, M.D., Loss, S.R., Thogmartin, W.E., Johnson, D.H., Erickson, R.A., and Heist, K.W., 2019, A methodology to assess the national and regional impacts of U.S. wind energy development on birds and bats: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2018–5157, 45 p., [Supersedes USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2015–5066.]