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Date published: October 4, 2017


This EarthWord is probably what you’ve been doing thanks to our fantastic puns...

Date published: October 3, 2017

EarthWord–Continuous Resources

This EarthWord may sound infinite, but it actually refers to a type of finite resource...

Date published: October 2, 2017

Benefits of Understanding the Earth at its Core

Earth cores provide a glimpse of what lies beneath the surface.

Date published: October 1, 2017

New Uranium Mineral Named for USGS Scientist

Everyone’s seen the news–scientists discover a new species of fly and name it for Beyonce; scientists discover a new species of monkey and auction its name off; etc. Hundreds of new species of animals, plants, and other organisms are discovered and named every year. But did you know that dozens of minerals are discovered every year too?

Date published: July 17, 2017

USGS Releases Three Approaches for Estimating Recovery Factors in Carbon Dioxide Enhanced Oil Recovery

The U.S. Geological Survey has evaluated three methods for estimating how much oil and gas could be produced by injecting carbon dioxide (CO2) into petroleum reservoirs.

Date published: December 8, 2016

USGS Releases New Standards for Natural Gas

USGS now has the new standard for natural gas.

Date published: November 15, 2016

USGS Estimates 20 Billion Barrels of Oil in Texas’ Wolfcamp Shale Formation

This is the largest estimate of continuous oil that USGS has ever assessed in the United States.

Date published: July 25, 2016

Large Deposits of Potentially Producible Gas Hydrate Found in Indian Ocean

This research is the result of a partnership between the Government of India, the Government of Japan, and U.S. scientists.

Date published: June 8, 2016

USGS Estimates 66 Trillion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas in Colorado’s Mancos Shale Formation

This is the second-largest assessment of potential shale & tight gas resources that the USGS has ever conducted.