Mineral Resources Program

Global Assessment

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Date published: August 4, 2021
Status: Active

Critical Minerals Mapping Initiative (CMMI)

The USGS, in combination with Geoscience Australia and the Geological Survey of Canada, formed the Critical Minerals Mapping Initiative (CMMI) in 2019 to combine expertise and collaboratively conduct research on critical mineral resources.

Date published: August 1, 2018
Status: Active

Mineral Resource Online Data Catalog

This project makes the digital spatial data produced by the Mineral Resources Program available via a web portal so that users can easily access spatial data for solving scientific and technical problems: the Mineral Resources Online Spatial Data site.

Date published: June 19, 2018
Status: Active

Development of Assessment Techniques and Analysis Project II (DATAP II)

The Development of Assessment Techniques and Analysis Project (DATAPII) objective is to modernize the application and development of USGS mineral resource and integrated multiresource assessment methodologies and capacity that are applicable at a variety of spatial and temporal scales, and national and international in scope.

Date published: May 24, 2018
Status: Active

Databases and Information Analysis

Our objectives are to: 1) collect and assimilate digital geospatial data in a standardized format for minerals-related research and assessments, 2) develop and improve analytical procedures for using geospatial data in minerals products, 3) provide support for timely, quality, and reproducible mineral assessments, 4) provide easy access to the data, and 5) report results of our work in a...

Date published: September 29, 2017
Status: Completed

New Mineral Deposit Models for Gold, Phosphate Rare Earth Elements, and Placer Rare Earth Element-Titanium Resources

USGS Mineral Deposit Models are "an organized arrangement of information describing the essential characteristics or properties of a class of mineral deposits. Models themselves can be classified according to their essential attributes (for example: descriptive, grade-tonnage models, genetic, geoenvironmental, geophysical, probability of occurrence, and quantitative process models)." (Stoeser...

Contacts: Ryan D Taylor
Date published: September 30, 2013
Status: Completed

Global Assessment Applications

This project used the results of the USGS Global Mineral Resource Assessment project to illustrate how USGS provides science in support of policy and decision-making, and also maintained the project's data library.

Date published: September 30, 2012
Status: Completed

Global Mineral Resource Assessments

In response to the growing demand for information on the global mineral-resource base, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) completed assessments for undiscovered resources of porphyry and sediment-hosted copper, platinum-group elements, and potash.